Rapid Prototyping For Health Care

Making wireframes and rapid prototype for respiratory care app

Posted on 2017-04-29

An application design for a respiratory care system where patients and doctors get updates from the therapy device which is connected to Qualcomm device.

The app would provide critical health information to patients and their caretakers. Where as the counterpart web application provides data to doctors, where they can monitor patient’s daily usage of the device and other respiratory related data.

Making Wireframes and Prototype

Being a Goal Oriented app, the core intention of the app is to encourage patients to use the therapy device associated with the app regularly. And keep them updated about prescribed usage factors like the pressure, frequency of the device.

Status of the device was connected with 3 main factors HMR, Adherence and Compliance. The aim was to build app with minimalist features and some user settings. We started conceptualising around transition with basic geometrical shapes, where each therapy factor can be changed with swipe gestures.

Atomic.io was the prototyping tool for this. Atomic has built in animation library with multiple easing properties which allowed us to create circular animation on each transition.

Finally the app took much better form after multiple iteration of design, unfortunately I cannot relieve the identity of the app because of compliance issue.