Journey From Sketch To Vector

Converting any doodle into high quality vector art with Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Posted on 2015-08-10

In earlier dates converting a doodle into digital artwork was very cumbersome, which involved lots of manual tracing and anchor point conversions.

With Adobe Mobile Application like Adobe Illustrator Draw (previously Adobe Ideas) and Adobe Photoshop Express, converting any doodle into a digital work has become fairly simple.

Choose a single brush style to have a similar brush strokes throughout the artwork.

Variety colour schemes can be imported from Kuler through your adobe id. And if you have an Adobe Creative cloud account, you can export the layers to your desktop and refine them in Adobe Illustrator.

Few limitations include

  • Colour Picker
  • Limited Number of Layers
  • Edit anchor points

In spirit of above limitations this application serves are as good tool to convert a simple doodle to high quality illustrations. Here are some of my sample work with Adobe Illustrator Draw