To Imagination and Beyond

Euclidean Algorithm In Web Designing

All the mobile devices are out there are rectangular size and each individual block can divided in proportions with various ratios like Golden Ratio, Euler Number and Euclidean algorithm or Greatest Common Divisor. I will be using Euclidean algorithm to divide a rectangular mobile layout by considering its width and dividing

Rapid Prototyping For Health Care

An application design for a respiratory care system where patients and doctors get updates from the therapy device which is connected to Qualcomm device. The app would provide critical health information to patients and their caretakers. Where as the counterpart web application provides data to doctors, where they can monitor patient’s

Iconography of Fashion App

Iconography is a very crucial component of app/web design, but they seem to be having lesser importance outside the design community. Icons are the conceptual models which can simplify product functionality. The folder icon is a good example, which indicates the user whether it is empty or it has something

Prototyping Weapons

What would be the best way to validate flow and test user behaviour? Best choice would be low and high fidelity prototypes which are easier to build and update based on the user studies. But to valid prototype in short duration, choosing the right tool is very much necessary. I